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Overhead Protection

Sterling External Doors (Not including the Alan Millyard or Hampton ranges ) MUST have adequate Overhead Protection, due to our extreme weather climate changes.

Timber Doors are more susceptible to weather changes than other non timber doors. (Steel, PVC, Aluminium, etc.) Doors that are installed in a fully exposed area including doors opening out will not be covered by our warranty unless there is adequate overhead protection.

Painting exterior doors using a different colour on each side will cause an uneven heat / moisture absorption, particularly for doors exposed to the element. Different colours can cause the door to warp. An adequate awning must be installed to reduce the effects of weather exposure. You should avoid getting the doors wet, even after finishing.

Overhead ProtectionThe Table below shows the most appropriate exposure. Please select the climate zone for where the house is located in, then the direction the door will be facing. The formula will then show the depth (A) for the ove- rhead awning based on the height (B) from the base of the door to the underside of the awning. The minimum width of the overhead protection should be no less than the door frame width.

Doors that receive direct sunlight must be painted in LIGHT reflective colours, DARK colours absorb heat accelerating door movement and shrinkage due to a change of moisture content which could promote warping and bowing.Glazed doors can amount to leaking seals. Timber Doors are not waterproof. Loose Beading to be on the outside.

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